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You have bought an eQ-3 product. Do you have a question about its function? You can find our FAQ here.

Alternatively, our technical support can also help. Send us a specific description as well as photos, screenshots or videos of your configuration.

You can reach us from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm or you can write to us via our contact form.

Technical hotline: +49 (491) 600 8 680
(Mon-Fri 09:00-18:00)

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This is how you create a token in your Homematic IP App:

  • Open the Homematic IP App
  • Open the main menu in the app by using the symbol in the top left corner
  • Select "Info and support"
  • Select "support"
  • confirm with "queries"

Please don’t cancel the token until someone of our support team contacts you. Otherwise the token will lose his valdity. You can leave the menu after the transmission and use the app as usual.

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You can use this contact form to generate a request. This request is sent to us as e-mail via our provider. If there is no legal retention period, your data will be deleted immediately after our reply. A usage for another purpose or an information transmission to a third party does not take place.


In the FAQ section, you will find answers to your questions about eQ-3, our products and technologies.

    • Which protocol does Homematic use?

      The Homematic protocol has been developed by eQ-3 exclusively for applications in smart homes and buildings. The development is based on more than 20 years of experience. Technically, the Homematic protocol is a bidirectional radio protocol. That means, that every receiver is able to confirm a command to the transmitter.

    • Are the systems manufactured by eQ-3 compatible with one another?

      In the browser cache, the web browser temporarily stores websites and pictures. If websites are visited frequently, the data does not need to be downloaded from the Internet again. In this way, websites can be displayed faster. During the firmware update of the Homematic Central Control Unit, some data of the CCU2 that is stored temporarily in the browser cache will be updated. To avoid any problems during the update of a new firmware version we recommend to clear the browser cache after each update.

    • How secure is Homematic IP? Can it be hacked from the outside?

      Homematic IP takes the security in home control to a new level.
      Even the teach-in procedure is cryptographically secured. Unlike other radio technologies such as WLAN, Bluetooth (devices without display) or ZigBee, Z-Wave, DECT, ULE and EnOcean, it is not possible to intercept keys during installation.
      During operation, data packages are encrypted and authenticated. Therefore, we rely on generally accepted and published standards such as AES-128 and CCM/RFC3610.
      Also the communication between the Access Point and the Homematic IP cloud, as well as the connections between the app and the cloud, are securely protected by online security procedures.
      The security concept and especially the radio protocols have been tested by renowned and independent experts in the field of security. For example, the climate control solution of Homematic IP has been rated “very good” by the test lab AV-Test.

    • How many Homematic devices can I use in my installation?

      It should be considered that the Homematic system has been specified and developed for a “normal” family house. For installations in larger buildings, we recommend e.g. a cooperation with our partner Contronics.

      The system limits per Homematic Central Control Unit CCU2 are specified as follows:

      • 400 radio channels and
      • 127 wired devices in addition.

      Please observe the following:
      The number of wireless devices depends on the number of channels of all used devices!


      • Homematic Wireless Switch Actuator 1 channel has one channel at 400 devices
      • Homematic Wireless Switch Actuator 4 channels has four channels at 100 devices  

      Usually, different devices are used within one installation. From our experience, the maximum number of wireless devices that can be operated trouble-free by the CCU2 within one installation is therefore between 100 and 120 devices.

    • Where can I buy eQ-3 products?

      eQ-3 products like Homematic, Homematic IP and MAX! are distributed by numerous partners. This applies to partners in mail-order business such as the German companies ELV and Conrad Elektronik as well as retailers, installers, system integrators or OEMs, who integrate eQ-3 products into their own solutions. You can find further information here.


In our download area you can find current information about our products and our company, e. g. manuals, software updates or brochures.





Short descr.: Key-BLE

Type of download: Declaration of conformity

Item no.: 142950A0


124,71 KB

Homematic IP Wired Floor Heating Actuator – 6 channels, 230 V

Short descr.: HmIPW-FAL230-C6

Type of download: Manual

Item no.: 152702A0


7,41 MB

Homematic IP Wired Floor Heating Actuator – 10 channels, 24 V

Short descr.: HmIPW-FAL24-C10

Type of download: Manual

Item no.: 153432A0


7,41 MB

Homematic IP Floor Heating Actuator – 10 channels, 24 V

Short descr.: HmIP-FAL24-C10

Type of download: Manual

Item no.: 143238A0


5,78 MB

Homematic IP Floor Heating Actuator – 10 channels, 230 V

Short descr.: HmIP-FAL230-C10

Type of download: Manual

Item no.: 142981A0


5,74 MB