Heating and climate control

Homematic Radiator Thermostats offer demand-based room-by-room control of radiators in connection with Homematic Window Sensor and Wall Thermostats.

Homematic products regulate the room temperature and air quality. The bathroom is warmed up to 24 °C in the morning without wasting energy at night. Shutters open and close when the sun rises and sets. As a result, rooms will never feel too hot or too cold.
Whilst a room is being aired, the heating in it will be turned down. Room-specific temperature control can also be implemented and rooms which are not in use will not be heated. As you can see, comfort in the home and energy conservation go hand in hand.

All products for heating and climate control

Theft protection device for electronic radiator thermostats

The theft protection for radiator thermostats reliably prevents from unauthorised removal of electronic radiator thermostats. The convenient theft protection protects Homematic and Homematic IP radiator thermostats from disassembly by covering the union nut. Installation can be done in just a few... .


HomeMatic Wireless Room Thermostat, surface mount

Wireless room thermostat enables time-controlled regulation of room temperature in connection with one or more Homematic Wireless Radiator Thermostats (HM-CC-RT-DN)


HomeMatic Wireless Temperature/Humidity Sensor, outdoor

Rugged outdoor sensor for the capture of temperature and air humidity data


HomeMatic Wireless Temperature/Humidity Sensor, indoor

Indoor sensor for the capture of temperature and air humidity data


HomeMatic Wireless Temperature Sensor, outdoor

Wireless Temperature Sensor with remote sensor for temperature measurement


HomeMatic Wireless Radiator Thermostat

Enables time-controlled regulation of the room temperature and individual adjustment of heating phases according to your personal needs


HomeMatic Wireless Window Rotary Handle Sensor

Small and inconspicuous wireless window rotary handle sensor detects the current position of the window


HomeMatic Wireless Shutter Contact

Small, colour-matched wireless door/window contact quickly detects opened and closed doors and windows


HomeMatic Wireless Door/Window Sensor, optical

Wireless door/window sensor for optical recognition of open and closed doors and windows