eQ-3 offers a wide range of products, providing numerous functions and application possibilities for different target groups. Besides our own brands Homematic, Homematic IP and MAX!, also other German companies such as RWE, EWE, Mobilcom or Telekom use our technologies for their products. The Homematic technology is integrated into the Qivicon Smart Home platform already ex works.


Homematic is the smart home system manufactured by eQ-3. It enables comprehensive control of various functions – from simple to complex scenarios in houses or flats. Besides increasing the level of comfort and security in homes, another of the system’s main benefits is the way in which it considerably reduces energy costs. This is why Homematic solutions will have typically paid for themselves in full after only a few short years...
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Homematic IP

Homematic IP is the next generation of the successful smart home system Homematic by eQ-3. The Homematic IP range already includes products for climate control, security applications and light control. The climate control devices offer demand-based room-by-room control of radiators throughout the entire house, enabling users to save up to 30 % on their energy costs. And also floor heating systems can efficiently be controlled with...
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Increase the level of comfort in your own home, save on energy costs and still do your bit for the environment – it’s all possible with the MAX! intelligent heating control system. With the MAX! heating control system, you can easily control and regulate the temperature in the different rooms of your home...
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With eqiva products from eQ-3, you get high-quality stand-alone solutions tailored for home security and heating control. The product range covers radiator thermostats with manual programming, smoke alarm devices and radiator thermostats that can be controlled and programmed via an app using Bluetooth technology. These products are stand-alone devices...
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Our practical accessories allow even more versatile use for several of your Homematic IP, Homematic, Eqiva and MAX! devices. For example, our Power Supply Unit for brand switches can be used for battery-free operation of push-buttons or wall thermostats, while the 24 V Transformer enables operation of vale drives. The Homematic IP DIN-rail Adapter for the Multi IO Box provides...
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