Control units and gateways

Homematic devices can be connected to one another and programmed via the control units and gateways.

The Homematic Central Control Unit CCU2 is responsible for numerous control, signalling and supervision functions across all areas of the Homematic system. The device includes a browser based user interface to the up the system. It can be controlled in the local network as well as via Internet. The Homematic software offers various configuration and application possibilities, so that there are no limits to creativity for installing your individual smart home.

The Homematic Wireless LAN Gateway can be used for the extension of the wireless range of a CCU2.

All control units and gateways

Central Control Unit CCU3

The Central Control Unit CCU3 is the central element for local control of the Homematic IP smart home system. It represents the next generation of our proven Homematic Central Control Units CCU1 and CCU2. Operation via the Central Control Unit CCU3... .


HomeMatic Wireless LAN Gateway

Extension of wireless range of a CCU2 in an installation - wireless interface of CCU2 remains activated


HomeMatic Wireless Status Monitor LED16

Status display and visualization in conjunction with the Homematic Central Control Unit, without requiring a PC and/or monitor display