• Products

    We do not only manufacture under our own brand.

    We develop, produce and supply eQ-3 products with your logo, your housing or even with unique functions upon request.

  • Device Development Kit

    Make your product a part of our Homematic IP world!

    We offer you modules, firmware, technology and tools in the form of a Device Development Kit (DDK). These will enable your products to speak Homematic IP.

  • Software Development Kit

    We offer the Software Development Kit so that Homematic IP can be integrated in your unit.

    The Homematic IP smartphone app can be used as a basis for a separate branded app.

  • Homematic IP

    • VDE-certified safety

    • Battery-to-battery communication – we are experts for the European market

    • Wireless as well as bus devices, and also in combination

    • A comprehensive portfolio with over 200 device types

    • Europe’s market leader* in the Whole Home sector

    • Multiple test winner at the consumer safety group Stiftung Warentest

    • Company-own factory in Zhuhai, China which is ISO certified and has already been audited multiple times

  • eQ-3

    We offer a full package – not only a module, but all relevant components to be able to create a smart home solution:

    • Smartphone app
    • Cloud
    • Module
    • Test and production tools
    • OEM products
  • Technology

    eQ-3 as a technology partner in the security, heating, light, shade and access control areas, for example:

    A separate existing portfolio can be extended into a smart home solution or developed into a smart home solution with Homematic IP.

  • Battery operation

    Homematic IP is optimised for battery-operated devices. This offers particular strength compared to other technologies which can mostly cover the surroundings of a home in the USA, but fail in applications such as heating control in Europe.

  • Smart actuators

    Homematic IP offers smart actuators which can automatically perform timed functions. They can be used to configure staircase lighting or timer functions in dimmers and switches. Heating thermostats autonomously perform week programs.

  • Testimonials

    • Lidl Smart Home (Silvercrest)
    • Bosch
    • Innogy
    • Qivicon / Telekom
    • Novoferm
  • Contact

    Are you interested in cooperation? Contact the OEM team.

    We are looking forward to hearing from you.