Homematic in distribution boards

Using wired Homematic modules, the electrical installations for the entire building can be controlled intelligently. They communicate with one another via the Homematic bus and can be programmed and addressed accordingly.

The central control unit can be used to easily reconfigure the system at any time. Since each component can be configured individually, virtually any scenario is possible, even post-installation without having to change the hardware or cabling.

Up to 127 modules can run on each RS485 bus. The control and load sides of the individual modules are electrically isolated from one another and are compatible with a variety of network topologies (bus, star, hybrid). Insulation displacement connection technology has been used throughout.

All DIN rail modules

HomeMatic Wired RS485 Shutter Actuator 1-channel, DIN rail mount

Shutter actuator for standard DIN rail mounting in house- and sub-distribution boards