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Homematic is the smart home system manufactured by eQ-3. It enables comprehensive control of various functions – from simple to complex scenarios in houses or flats. Besides increasing the level of comfort and security in homes, another of the system’s main benefits is the way in which it considerably reduces energy costs. This is why Homematic solutions will have typically paid for themselves in full after only a few short years, since they allow for the demand-based room-by-room control of radiators, for example.

The wide portfolio of more than 80 devices includes products for light, shutter and radiator control, with the range being rounded off by hazard alarms, safety sensors and products for measuring weather data. Thanks to the fact that the devices communicate via radio, they can be retrofitted into houses really easily, whilst wired-bus components are ideal for installations in new buildings.

Homematic can be set up using the browser-based user interface of the Homematic CCU2 Central Control Unit. The system can be controlled from within the local network as well as via the Internet. The software offers various configuration and application possibilities, so that there are no limits to creativity.

Homematic’s open interfaces make it possible to integrate software and hardware solutions provided by partners. These include apps and cloud services offered by partners on an independent basis for controlling Homematic via smartphone and tablet.

The most significant technical advantages at a glance:

  • Interference immunity and excellent range: As Homematic is based on the 868 MHz radio band, the system combines a large wireless range with high resistance to interference. Reliable communication between Homematic devices is guaranteed over a distance of several hundred metres. There is no interference whatsoever from WLAN, video streaming or other users of 2.4 GHz.
  • Reliability: All Homematic devices offer bi-directional communication. As radio commands are confirmed by the respective receiver, particularly high reliability is achieved, which offers a crucial advantage over uni-directional systems. Furthermore, the current status of all devices can be clearly shown at any time.
  • Security: Secure communication between Homematic products is ensured thanks to universally accepted standards (AES-128 technology) that are also used in online banking, for example. eQ-3 believes that security isn’t just an option in a smart home system – it’s its very foundation.
  • Battery operation: The Homematic wireless protocol is optimised for battery-operated devices. The products can be easily screwed on to radiators or stuck to walls. Thanks to the low energy consumption of the devices, batteries usually only need to be replaced every two years, or even less frequently. This is a particular strength compared to other technologies.

Find out more about our Homematic products!

Control units and gateways

Homematic devices can be connected to one another and programmed via the control units and gateways. The Homematic Central Control Unit CCU2 is responsible for numerous control, signalling and supervision functions across all areas of the Homematic system. The device includes a browser based user interface...
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Heating and climate control

Homematic Radiator Thermostats offer demand-based room-by-room control of radiators in connection with Homematic Window Sensor and Wall Thermostats. Homematic products regulate the room temperature and air quality. The bathroom is warmed up to 24 °C in the morning without wasting energy at night. Shutters open and close when...
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Over the last ten years, the number of light sources in houses has considerably increased. This implies a growing desire for comfort and the need for triggering recurring lighting scenarios in the house, e.g. for joint dinners or comfortable movie nights at home. Different applications of the Homematic areas light, awning and shutter control...
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Shutters and awnings

Using a combination of different actuators for indoor and outdoor areas, you can easily realise individual programs and scenarios for your personal shutter and awning control. Besides a basic shutter control, extended functionalities can be integrated into your smart home with Homematic. By slowly waking up in the morning as the shutters will be raised step by step...
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Security and surveillance

Homematic Window and Door Contacts detect any doors or windows which have been left open. Wireless motion and smoke detectors ensure that inside and outside areas are continuously monitored. Homematic products increase the protection against break-ins and, however, the sense of security in your own four walls. There is no need to worry about...
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Windows and doors

You will no longer have to carry around your bunch of keys during running! Simply connect any kind of fingerprint sensor with a push-button interface to the Homematic CCU2 and the KeyMatic will open your front door. Even windows that are difficult to access can now be used for ventilation. Simply install the WinMatic on...
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Remote controls and push-buttons

Homematic remote controls and push-buttons offer flexible control of different Homematic devices according to your personal needs. Application fields are for example light, shutter and awning control. With the broad range of remote controls and push-buttons, there is an appropriate operating device for every application. Different use cases such as fast actuation in the event of an alarm, or multi-functional and flexible control of different...
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Weather and environment

Homematic measures different weather data and is able to use that information for controlling various Homematic components. A storm is coming up and you have forgotten to retract your awnings? No worries: The Homematic Weather Data Sensor records the wind velocity and automatically triggers retracting of awnings depending on...
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Switching and metering

The number of energy consumers per household has considerably increased in recent years. Although the comfort could be increased in many ways with today’s technology, it is still important to detect the energy wasters in the house. This is possible e.g. with Homematic Plug Adapters with power metering. Comfortable on and off switching of...
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DIN rail modules

Using wired Homematic modules, the electrical installations for the entire building can be controlled intelligently. They communicate with one another via the Homematic bus and can be programmed and addressed accordingly. The central control unit can be used to easily reconfigure the system at any time. Since each component can be configured individually, virtually any scenario is possible, even post-installation without having...
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International product variants

With the international product variants of Homematic, the Homematic system can be operated in European countries that e.g. use other socket types. This enables easy operation of the system for example in Great Britain, Ireland and Italy. In addition, the product variants...
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Adapters for brand switch systems

If you plan to make your home more and more comfortable using intelligent technology, existing electrical installations can be upgraded by installing Homematic flush-mount actuators for brand switch systems. And there is no need to completely exchange the existing switch series! The existing living concepts can thereby be maintained in terms of style...
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Software and apps

The Homematic WebUI is the user interface via which all the myriad possibilities offered by the Homematic system can be fully exploited. Individual scenarios and comprehensive automation tasks can be created quite easily via the screen here. But a number of partners also offer their own software for controlling the Homematic system. Apps for smartphones and tablets complement the product range...
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