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For more than 30 years, eQ-3 has been one of the leading innovation and technology companies for home control and consumer electronics.

With more than 200 different types of products, eQ-3 today provides the largest product portfolio in the industry and has placed more than 23 million wireless devices in more than one million households. This makes eQ-3 the European market leader in smart home technology for the third time in a row, based on the number of whole home solutions and electronic radiator thermostats installed.
Homematic is the leading smart home platform with more than 80 devices and open communication interfaces. The devices are marketed through various distribution channels. In spring 2015, the new Homematic generation “Homematic IP” was presented. Both product lines have established successfully on the smart home market and significantly contributed to sales increase of more than 34 percent in the fiscal year 2016. The products are designed and developed at the headquarters in Leer, Germany. The final manufacturing takes place in the own production plant in South China. The eQ-3 group was founded in 2007 as a spin-off from the ELV Elektronik AG, existing since 1978. The ELV / eQ-3 group with more than 1.000 employees has been family owned since its foundation.

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