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    • What do I need to consider when using the Homematic security key?

      You can use the Homematic Central Control Unit or a Homematic Configuration Adapter to transfer a system security key to your Homematic devices. By setting the system security key the devices are secured from manual reset at the device itself. Furthermore, they cannot be connected to a Homematic Central Control Unit without entering the system security key.

      You can use the system security key for example if you want to use Homematic devices in public places such as schools, hotels or holiday homes. If you are using the Homematic devices for private purposes we do not recommend to set the Homematic security key as there is no possibility to reset the key in case it might get lost. Please observe the following:

      Make note of your system security key, and store this information at a secure place! For security reasons, it is not possible to reset or bypass the system security key. Setting the system security key affects all connected Homematic components in the Homematic system.