In the FAQ section, you will find answers to your questions about eQ-3, our products and technologies.

    • What can Homematic products offer users?

      • Living comfort: tedious repetitive operations in the home (opening/closing canopies, closing shutters, opening garage doors, etc.) are automated. Various different applications can be combined. For example, garden lighting can be switched on when you close the shutters in your home office or – if you leave the house – the heating can be turned down when you activate the alarm system.
      • Pleasant climate control: Room temperature and air quality can be controlled using Homematic products. Bedrooms can be ventilated automatically for a few minutes each morning at a convenient time, or blinds and shutters can be programmed to open and close when the sun rises and sets. As a result, rooms will never feel too hot or too cold.
      • Energy conservation: if you choose to automate your building engineering with Homematic products, actions which would otherwise be isolated will be automatically matched in the overall system. Whilst a room is being aired, the heating appliances in it will be turned down. On hot days, the system will start by closing the shutters rather than activating the air conditioning straight away. Room-specific temperature control can also be implemented (heating appliances will not be switched on in rooms which are not in use). As you can see, comfort in the home and energy conservation go hand in hand.
      • Security: Homematic products provide increased protection against break-ins by closing all doors and windows from a central location, activating the alarm system and switching lighting on and off at random for presence simulation. The “Feedback” function localises and also reports errors and problems affecting the home automation system immediately as they occur.