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    • My Homematic Smoke Alarm devices trigger alarms with no reason. What can I do?

      The Homematic Smoke Alarms comply with the VdS classification and are characterised by a high sensitivity level.

      The triggering threshold can be reduced during the operating time of the device due to deposits such as dust or insects in the smoke chamber. Additional dust swirls e.g. caused by draught can trigger false alarms.

      This is why Homematic Smoke Alarms are equipped with an internal sensitivity alignment. This makes sure that deposits are allowed within a certain permitted range. The calibration is performed during the function test and should be executed ideally once a week, but at least once a month for your own security. To do this, press and hold down the test button of the smoke alarm for longer than 2 seconds. Please refer to the user manual of the Homematic Smoke Alarm in sec. 9.2 “Periodic checking and indication of errors” for further information on evaluation of the function test.