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    • How can a set system security key be removed?

      If you have already set a system security key for your Homematic system and the corresponding devices are still connected to your Homematic Central Control Unit, you can remove the system security key from your devices as follows:

      In the WebUI, select “Settings” and “Devices”. In the configuration adapter software, please select “Devices”.

      Here, you receive an overview of all connected Homematic devices that you can now remove one by one using the button “Delete” in the drop-down menu “Restore factory settings of the device”. In this way, the factory settings are restored. Confirm your selection with the button “Delete”.

      Please note, that for some devices the teaching mode has to be activated manually (e.g. remote controls, wall-mount transmitters, flush-mounted interfaces, etc.). This will also be indicated by the corresponding service message. If no service message appears, the disconnection and reset have been successfully completed.

      After you have deleted all devices in this way and restored the factory settings they do not have a system security key any more.

      If you are using the Homematic Configuration Adapter, the software has to be deleted from your PC after you have disconnected the devices. In addition, the following folder has to be deleted manually if it has not been done automatically be the system.

      Installation folder e.g.: C:\ProgrammData\Bidcos-Service