Leer, 08.07.2019

The alarm siren is an essential component for all security systems. A loud and clearly visible alarm signal does not only frighten intruders: the neighbours are also made aware of a potential danger and can quickly call for help. With the powerful alarm siren – outdoor, Homematic IP offers even better protection against intruders for the home. This offers two loudspeakers as well as striking LED indicators which are activated as soon as Homematic IP sensors such as motion detectors or window contacts are triggered.

Leer, 28.05.2019

Homematic IP introduces the new generation of underfloor heating control

Motorised floor heating control saves money and improves the operation of heat pumps

Leer, 23 May 2019 – The new generation of motorised underfloor heating products for individual room control is now available from the European smart home market leader eQ-3 [1]. With the solutions presented at ISH 2019 for the first time, individual heating circuits are constantly controlled with motorised drives. Compared to the thermal drives used for the valves of the heating circuit up to now, the new solution from the Homematic IP product range uses 100 to 200 times less electricity for a typical family home and therefore saves between 50.00 and 90.00 euros. This means that the purchase pays off in just a few years. The fact that heat can be continuously retrieved due to the constant control of the heat generators is also unique. It permits the cycles of heat generators to be avoided which in turn lowers the energy consumption of the heat pump and increases its lifetime.