Become distribution partner of eQ-3!

eQ-3 consequently focusses on the cooperation with partners. Without direct distribution to end customers, partners are especially important for marketing the different product lines by eQ-3.

Marketing by distribution partners

eQ-3 does not sell directly to end costumers. Therefore, there is no competition with our partners at any point. The trade channels and consequently a large number of area, mail order and online trading partners are supplied directly from the own eQ-3 group logistics centre in Leer/Germany. In order to supply local distributors and specialist retailers, we have one of Europe’s largest electric wholesalers at our disposal. eQ-3 is currently establishing a new technical regional distribution to be able to support local distributors and craft businesses on site. In cooperation with the field service of our wholesale partner, active sales promotion is offered.

Support is a priority with us

To support its partners, eQ-3 has established strong programs that are constantly expanded. eQ-3 is open to suggestions and ideas from partners for further advancements. For the sales promotion of Homematic and Homematic IP, there is a wide range of materials exclusively available for our partners - for the Point of Sale sector as well as for direct communication. Trainings for technology and sales staff also accelerate the success with Homematic and Homematic IP. Additional sales-promoting marketing measures reduce the required investment while starting as authorised partner. In addition, qualified technical support in German is available at the headquarters in Leer. And thanks to the close proximity to the R&D department of eQ-3 it is available at every required depth of technical know-how.

Flexible partner for trade, industry utility companies and service providers

eQ-3 can react to the requirements of it’s partners in an extremely flexible way by means of a combination of product management, project management and development in Germany and its own manufacturing facility in China.

Private Label

By means of optimised processes for customer-specific adaptation of products, eQ-3 can flexibly offer any “private label” quantities. The eQ-3 products therefore supplement your product range and can be integrated into your marketing and sales concepts according to your CI with your own logo. The device labelling, modification of nameplates and user manuals as well as individual customisation of gift boxes in terms of colours, design and materials can be implemented in a cost-effective way thanks to the own production plant in China. eQ-3 can be distributor and fulfil any related processes or legal requirements for you. Also marketing forms are offered, where eQ-3 is not directly appearing.

OEM models

Furthermore, products can be modified in accordance with your requirements and therefore offer properties and performance characteristics that provide real differentiation from standard products on the market. eQ-3 develops and produces large-scale consumers’ as well as individual products and offers customised solutions all along the line. On the basis of an existing product and the available, proven basic technology by eQ-3, customers are offered the best quality and a very low level of risk next to fair market conditions for consumer markets.

Benefits for system partners

System partners offer hard and software, online-services and other services that complement Homematic in whole home solutions. The full range of eQ-3 products and developing tools are available for them. System partners can use the CCU2 Central Control Unit software for free with the OCCU SDK and, however, enter new markets.

Homematic and Homematic IP are open platforms

  • More than four years ago, eQ-3 has already published all programming interfaces of Homematic online so that Homematic products can be easily integrated into other solutions and platforms (as, for example, QIVICON). Also the Homematic radio protocol is made public and, meanwhile, there is a large number of protocol implementations into hardware of other manufacturers.
  • Regarding the general technology development, eQ-3 has committed to the vision, that TCP/IP will be the leading technology for the Internet of Things as well as for the future smart home. The Internet of Things will be using TCP/IP in each device - and not only for gateways. On the other hand, this means that all technologies and ‘standards’ that do not use TCP/IP in all devices would have to change completely in order to be recognised as important standard - or that most of them will completely disappear in the future.
  • With Homematic IP, eQ-3 has developed a smart home solution based on IPv6 that is particularly easy to install and to configure and therefore perfectly suited to mass market use. The Homematic IP radio protocol is very robust and reliable while offering a high range and setting standards in terms of security and privacy. eQ-3 provides the basis with Homematic IP for realising a cost-effective but at the same time compelling, competitive and future-proof smart home solution.
  • Also the Homematic IP technology is open and supports other manufacturers in establishing new Homematic IP devices and software solutions. Homematic IP is available in developer kits, modules and licenses for software and hardware developers as well as OEM partners. It offers an object-oriented interface for the programming of apps or other user interfaces.
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