Smart Home by eQ-3

For more than 30 years, eQ-3 offers innovative products and technologies in the home control area. According to “Technology Review”, eQ-3 belongs to the 50 most innovative companies in the world. Furthermore, according to “Berg Insight” eQ-3 is market leader for whole home systems in Europe.

We are a German family-owned company headquartered in Leer with more than 1000 employees worldwide. Our team contributes day by day to the development and production of high-quality, innovative and at the same time affordable products. Our diverse sales channel structure ensures a wide availability of our products. Therefore, our products can be purchased via online shops, installers or established distributors.

Besides our own brands Homematic, Homematic IP and MAX!, also other German companies such as RWE, EWE, Mobilcom or Telekom use our technologies for their products. The platform Qivicon Smart Home is equipped with the Homematic standard already ex works.


With Homematic, we provide our customers with a comprehensive smart home solution for almost all areas in home control. More than 80 devices ensure that lights, shutters, security and heating systems can be controlled and regulated. The Central Control Unit CCU2 enables intelligent cooperation of the different areas and offers interfaces to other systems, the own user interface and to the Internet. Using these interfaces, even garden irrigation systems by Kärcher, for example, can water the garden automatically, if necessary. The Homematic system does not only increase the living comfort but also helps to save water or to reduce the energy costs by up to 30 %.


Homematic IP - The next smart home generation

Homematic IP represents the next generation of the Homematic system. The system combines the high manufacturing quality of Homematic with most modern IP communication technology. Furthermore, it offers an intuitive smartphone app that is available anywhere in the world. The constantly increasing smart home system currently includes components for ambient air monitoring and heating control, enabling the reduction of energy costs by up to 30 %, and components for security and surveillance. Like in the Homematic system, there is an interface for partner software and hardware solutions available for the integration of new devices.


Whereas Homematic covers almost all home control areas, the MAX! system is specialised for intelligent heating control. The wireless system offers particularly easy handling and is therefore also of interest for technical beginners. Almost anyone can install and set up the system via smartphone app in only a few minutes. The functionality of the app is not limited to the own four walls. Using the online access in connection with the MAX! Cube, the ambient temperature in each room can be monitored and, if required, regulated from anywhere. With intelligent room-by-room regulation that monitors not only the ambient air but also doors and windows, users can save up to 30 % of energy costs with the MAX! system. Thanks to the low acquisition costs, the system achieves a quick return on investment.



eqiva is specialised to affordable stand-alone solutions for home security and heating control. The product range covers radiator thermostats with manual programming, smoke alarm devices as well as radiator thermostats that can be controlled and programmed via app using Bluetooth technology. The products are used as stand-alone devices, meaning that they are operated independently from the MAX!, Homematic or Homematic IP systems.

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