Smart Home with Homematic

Before planning the renovation of a house or apartment it is not only necessary to decide about the most beautiful floor tiles, the colour of the walls or the most durable floor, nowadays. In times of continuously increasing energy costs and constantly high workload, people mainly try to avoid additional burdens. Homematic offers comprehensive solutions which increase the security as well as the living comfort and significantly contribute on saving energy costs at the same time. With more than 80 devices, the system developed in Germany has matured over the years and offers almost unlimited possibilities for making the own ideas working. With the innovative heating control for single rooms, for example, conventional and electric radiators can be regulated automatically at the same time. Also, simultaneous switching of ceiling and floor lamps at the touch of a button can be done just as easy as moving shutters up or down while being on holidays.

Flexible combinations

The system becomes particularly appealing when the single application fields unify their possibilities. Within the Homematic system e.g. the climate control uses the sensors of the security system in order to turn down radiators automatically after windows have been opened. In the same way, the system can enable automatic reduction of the room temperature in all or in previously selected rooms when leaving the house. A totally relaxing holiday is enabled with the automatic lighting system that switches the lights in your house or apartment on and off “randomly” - just as if you where at home.

The appropriate tools

However you want to realize your own personal needs - Homematic provides you with the appropriate tools. For new constructions or extensive reconstructions, e.g. DIN rail-mounting modules for the fuse box, flush-mount actuators for controlling shutters and awnings or flush-mounting switch actuators can be used. Plug adapters or push buttons that can be flexibly positioned or are the ideal solution if major rebuilding work is supposed to be avoided or the automation of an apartment is planned. All Homematic devices for surface or flush mounting of course “speak” the same language and work together as a team. The combination of the devices is your free choice.

Unlimited connections

Due to local structures, it is not always possible to choose the type of data transmission. Homematic has recognized this and offers wireless as well as wired devices. Depending on the application, you can take advantage of both types of transmission. If you do not want to change the building structure the wireless range can be extended using additional wireless gateways. In this way, even owners or tenants of listed buildings will be able to profit from a comprehensive smart home installation.


With increasing networking there is a growing fear of unwelcome visitors from the Internet. Unlike many other providers, Homematic does not require external servers for reliable operation. All your data is kept safe within your own four walls. This does of course not mean that there is no remote access - if required, there are several possibilities available that enable secure and reliable access to your home. Another benefit for your security: As German development company, all Homematic devices are subject to strict German quality and safety regulations.

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