Homematic in new buildings

Before building a new house, many details need to be considered. This is why it is so important to pick out a mature and future-oriented system from the very beginning. The advantages offered by Homematic can be noticed already while planning the house. Thanks to the secure and highly efficient wireless transmission you do e.g. not need to worry during the planning phase about where to install lights, motion detectors or room control devices. A cable between the control cabinet and the corresponding ceiling lamps, shutters and awnings suffices. The required push-buttons can be flexibly mounted at a later time - even after you have already moved into the house. That not only saves material but also working time as large parts of the necessary laying and masonry work no longer have to be done. If you are planning to lay cables anyway, the wired components can be used. The wireless components are appropriate for all other applications. And the best thing is: By saving the actually needed construction work and material costs you can hardly notice the additional costs compared to a standard electrical installation.

Saving energy

While planning a new house energy savings play an important role. But a solar-assisted heating system and proper house insulation are only one part. It is also important to effectively use the available energy and to ensure a good room climate at the same time. Homematic provides you with both. With the Homematic heating control you will be able to implement demand-based room-by-room heating in your house. For every single room a separate time control of each radiator is available. And the heating is only active if you are really at home. When leaving the house, the eco mode is automatically activated for all rooms. Even while airing the room there is no need to worry about the radiators any more. If you open a window or exterior door the respective radiators are closed automatically and opened again after the window or door is closed. However, Homematic is not only taking care about the temperature. The sensors also monitor your humidity. If the humidity value is too high the Homematic system takes care of immediate ventilation by automatically tilting windows and switching on fans. This keeps you fit and saves your money at the same time. Because heating up humid air consumes much more energy than heating up dry air.

More than 80 components

While other only keep on talking about smart home, you can already experience it with Homematic. The constantly increasing product range already includes more than 80 different components that enable users to automate and optimise almost all parts of the house. The Homematic portfolio offers not only wireless but also wired devices that do, however, “speak” the same language and can be combined without any limitations.


You can feel secure with Homematic. With Homematic you are not only able to secure your house against unauthorized access. Also the communication between the devices is secure thanks to AES encryption. In addition, Homematic does not necessarily require an active Internet connection, unless most of the other systems. The access to the Homematic Central Control Unit CCU2 is achieved only via the home network. This ensure that any communication remains securely within your house. It does, of course, not imply that you have to forgo functions such as controlling the heating or the lights remotely. If required, there are various possibilities available for secure and encrypted access via Internet. Another benefit: As German development company, all Homematic components plus the corresponding software are developed in Germany and not acquired from abroad.

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