Homematic in existing building

Whereas new buildings offer unlimited possibilities, there are always certain limitations during house renovations. Homematic has recognised this and developed a system that can be integrated into any house without extensive building work. And you can decide whether you want to use the encrypted wireless transmission, the wired bus system “Homematic Wired” or combine both types of transmission in one Homematic system. With more than 80 devices available there is always the right component that helps you realise your ideas.

Saving energy

With Homematic almost all parts of the house can be automated and even optimised. The greatest potential for saving energy is achieved by modernisation of the heating control using Homematic devices. This kind of modernisation can be realised in just a few simple steps by replacing the existing radiator thermostats. The existing heating control remains unchanged. Thanks to the integrated wireless transmission no cables have to be laid in order to establish connection to the Homematic Wall Thermostat or the Central Control Unit CCU2. This also applies to additional sensors on doors or windows that are used for burglary protection and for optimised heating control at the same time. As soon as a sensor recognises an open window, the radiator valves are closed automatically and energy is saved. To enable demand-based heating control individual heating times can be set for every room. When leaving home, the temperatures are reduced automatically. Once installed, everything is done automatically. Only this optimisation can help you to save up to 30 percent of energy costs per year. Plus there is a significant gain of comfort.

Healthy room climate

Not only optimising the heating can actively help saving energy. Also optimising the room air helps to save money and improves the well-being at the same time. If rooms are not regularly aired the increased humidity can cause mould formation and furthermore increase the costs for heating. With Homematic, you can easily monitor your room air and, if necessary, tilt windows open or even switch on a fan automatically.

The right mood lighting

Thanks to a Homematic system, all areas of a house can grow together. Just like the heating control has access to information of sensors for alarm functions, the security system uses lights for burglar deterrence as well. If the home lighting has been installed with Homematic components every ceiling, floor or wall lamp can be controlled via app, remote control and wall-mounted push-button. According to your requirements you can define at any time if a push-button can switch or dim a single lamp or a combination of many different lights. And you can decide whether you want to use Homematic devices in a control cabinet, for flush-mounting or as plug adapter for sockets. Regardless of what you decide - all device can “speak” the same language and you can flexibly combine all components with each other.

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