Comfort and energy conservation at no additional charge

Heating costs account for the largest share of what most households spend on energy. But what many people don’t yet know is this: electronic wireless radiator thermostats not only drastically lower heating costs, they also offer users a much greater level of comfort – now at the same price as conventional mechanical controllers.

Heating costs account for the largest share of what private households spend on energy. Annually, they are almost three times the amount of money that goes on lighting, electrical appliances and hot water combined. There are plenty of possible countermeasures, whether it be fitting roof and wall insulation or installing a new heating system; but these all require a high level of investment. However, this is not the case with the eQ-3 heating control system: for just 3 to 5 euros per square metre, customers can install electronic radiator thermostats and cut their energy costs by a quarter, with the annual CO2 emissions for a multiple dwelling unit such as a block of flats being reduced by several tonnes. This means that after two to three years, you will have saved more money than the solution actually cost in the first place.

More comfort in your home

But that’s not all. With electronic radiator thermostats you are not just able to save money and help protect the environment; you can also, and perhaps most importantly from your perspective, improve the level of comfort in your own home. Instead of feeling guilty about heating your home all day to achieve an average temperature and then just turning the system down slightly at night, you can now heat specific areas at the times that suit you best. For example, you can turn the heat up slightly in the bathroom when it’s time to get up and lower the bedroom temperature in the evening whilst still keeping the living room nice and cosy – fully automatically. Plus, the technology which makes all this possible is easy to understand, install and use.

Excellent timing for maximum comfort

Electronic radiator thermostats enable users to set up personal time profiles and control the heating power according to their individual needs. They offer numerous advantages over conventional thermostats – for example, they can be lowered to a preset temperature at night, before being heated up again automatically in the morning.

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We offer solutions for individual radiators, for room-by-room control or which can be expanded to create a complete smart home system.

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