Aging independently with Homematic

Even at retirement age things like mobility, autonomy and independence are the most important requirements for a happy and satisfied life. No matter if you have been taking care of yourself your entire life, you might still come across exhausting tasks in the future that could be easily handled when you were younger. A house that is equipped with Homematic provides you with the possibility to focus on the things that make you happy.

And thanks to the automatic room-by-room control you can save up to 30 percent of energy costs per year and even be sure that your belongings are safe while you are on the move. If you want to relax you can adjust the mood lighting to your personal needs via remote control and even switch the lights in every room of the house on or off. And the best of all: A house equipped with Homematic can be operated just like any other home.

Increased comfort and up to 30 percent energy savings

With Homematic you can control the heating of your house room-by-room according to your personal needs. For every single room a separate time control of each radiator is available. And the heating is only active if you are really at home. If you are leaving the house the eco mode is automatically activated for all rooms. This also applies to the room ventilation. Very often it is not considered that airing the room is not only important to maintain the ability to concentrate. It is also important in order to save energy. You can decide whether you want to take care of airing the room by yourself or if ventilation should be carried out automatically. With Homematic, also windows can be easily tilted or fans can be switched on automatically. No matter which option you choose - you don’t have to take care about shutting down the radiators any more. Because the Homematic Wireless Radiator Thermostats automatically shut down as soon as exterior doors or windows are opened.

Monitor your home from anywhere

Especially while being on a journey it is important to know that at home everything is fine. After leaving the house there is often the question, whether the iron, the lights or the heating have been switched off or if the windows have been closed. With Homematic there is no need to worry about all these things. If, for example, the iron has not been switched off, you can still do it while being on the move. And thanks to the Homematic Smoke Alarm, you can also be sure that no fire has been caused by the iron. The door and window sensors that are usually taking care of saving energy costs in combination with the radiator thermostats do now monitor your home and inform you about opened windows or doors.

Enhanced security thanks to deterrents

Homematic improves the security not only using classical alarm technology. Thanks to the central control of your house functions you can also let your lights shine while being absent - just as if you were at home. Other people will not even recognise that you are not present.

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