In our “solutions” section you will find typical application examples for our smart home products. Learn more about how Homematic products facilitate intelligent heating control and security in and around the house. Also examples for comprehensive scenarios, e.g. for light and shade or for shutter and awning control, are clearly described. You will also find out which products offer benefits for new buildings and which products are particularly suitable for retrofitting.

You would like to start with controlling your heating first? Then discover the benefits of intelligent heating control here.

Smart Home

Before planning the renovation of a house or apartment it is not only necessary to decide about the most beautiful floor tiles, the colour of the walls or the most durable floor, nowadays. In times of continuously increasing energy costs and constantly high workload, people mainly try to avoid additional burdens.
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Smart Home in new buildings

Before building a new house, many details need to be considered. This is why it is so important to pick out a mature and future-oriented system from the very beginning. The advantages offered by Homematic can be noticed already while planning the house. Thanks to the secure and highly efficient wireless transmission you do e.g. not need to worry during the planning phase about where to install lights, motion detectors or room control devices.
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Smart Home in existing buildings

Whereas new buildings offer unlimited possibilities, there are always certain limitations during house renovations. Homematic has recognised this and developed a system that can be integrated into any house without extensive building work. And you can decide whether you want to use the encrypted wireless transmission, the wired bus system “Homematic Wired” or combine both types of transmission in one Homematic system. With more than 80 devices available there is always the right component that helps you realise your ideas.
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Aging independently with Homematic

Even at retirement age things like mobility, autonomy and independence are the most important requirements for a happy and satisfied life. No matter if you have been taking care of yourself your entire life, you might still come across exhausting tasks in the future that could be easily handled when you were younger. A house that is equipped with Homematic provides you with the possibility to focus on the things that make you happy.
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Heating Control

Heating costs account for the largest share of what most households spend on energy. But what many people don’t yet know is this: electronic wireless radiator thermostats not only drastically lower heating costs, they also offer users a much greater level of comfort – now at the same price as conventional mechanical controllers.
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