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    • Which Homematic IP functions are available during active or inactive Internet connection?

      Set-up and control of the Homematic IP system is carried out via the free Homematic IP smartphone app in connection with the Homematic IP cloud service.

      In comparison with other systems, Homematic IP actuators offer the benefit that cloud-dependent functions like heating or time profiles as well as the communication of single devices with each other remain functional also without active Internet or cloud connection thanks to an integrated memory of the devices. Cloud-dependent functions are all rules created with the “automation” function, shutter configurations like lockout protection, storm protection, heat protection or escape function as well as the integration of voice control. They are verified in the cloud and require active Internet and cloud connection at all times. It is recommended to connect Homematic IP devices via group functions, like light and shutter groups, for example. On the one hand, the radio traffic is reduced. On the other hand, the connections created via groups remain functional also without connection to the Internet.

      When using voice command services like Amazon Alexa or Google, it is also recommended to use Homematic IP remote controls or push-buttons for controlling your devices to enable switching of your components also without active voice control. 

      The following file gives an overview of available functions with or without active Internet connection: