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    • What needs to be considered when using an isolating relay?

      Homematic IP shutter (HmIP-BROLL) and blind actuators (HmIP-BBL) for branded switches feature a measurement function which automatically detects the end positions of the shutters, awnings and blinds. Thanks to the measurement function, an automatic calibration run can be performed when setting up the actuator. Depending on the given load, the actuator identifies whether the shutter is running or has reached an end position, for example. At the beginning of the operation, the measurement function expects a minimum load of 5 watts at the outlet of the actuator. In certain conditions, such as the use of an isolating relay to control multiple motors via an actuator or for motor-specific properties such as a start ramp, this load is not achieved and the actuator immediately stops the operation. When using an isolating relay, we recommend disabling of the “Automatic detection of the end position” option. Perform a manual calibration run. To do this, please go to the Device Overview for this and select the device from the list.

      If a manual calibration run was already performed on set-up, the measurement function is disabled from the start.