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    • What do I need to consider when setting up the Homematic IP Access Points?

      A Homematic IP Access Point can usually be operated without changes to the router settings.

      However, if the Access Point cannot create a connection to Homematic IP Cloud during commissioning (identified by blue flashing of the system button), this may be due to the individual settings of your router. Please also deactivate energy-saving mode (also often called Green mode in many cases) for the router port to which you have connected Homematic IP Access (and not on any port of the router).

      For smooth operation of the Homematic IP system, communication must be continuously possible via the following TCP port:

      • Communication between HAP and Cloud: 9292 and 43439
      • Communication between Smartphone app and Cloud: 6969, 8888 and 48335

      However, if no connection can be made to the cloud, check whether you have blocked BitTorrent in the access profile of your router (your Fritzbox).

      For any specific questions on router settings, please contact your internet provider or the router manufacturer.