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    • How secure is Homematic IP? Can it be hacked from the outside?

      Homematic IP takes the security in home control to a new level.
      Even the teach-in procedure is cryptographically secured. Unlike other radio technologies such as WLAN, Bluetooth (devices without display) or ZigBee, Z-Wave, DECT, ULE and EnOcean, it is not possible to intercept keys during installation.
      During operation, data packages are encrypted and authenticated. Therefore, we rely on generally accepted and published standards such as AES-128 and CCM/RFC3610.
      Also the communication between the Access Point and the Homematic IP cloud, as well as the connections between the app and the cloud, are securely protected by online security procedures.
      The security concept and especially the radio protocols have been tested by renowned and independent experts in the field of security. For example, the climate control solution of Homematic IP has been rated “very good” by the test lab AV-Test.