General questions


Is eQ-3 able to see my data? Which parts of my data are being saved? Where is the server located? How secure is the data?

We do respect our customers’ wish for privacy without compromise. This is an important distinction between all smart home solutions by eQ-3 compared to products of other manufacturers.
For installations with the CCU2 no data has to be registered. This is why Homematic is one of very few smart home systems, that can be used completely anonymous. Also our MAX! customers do not need to specify any personal data. Furthermore, this is an essential characteristic of the Homematic IP solution by eQ-3: Users do not need to provide any private data when using the smartphone app and the Homematic IP cloud. The system is easily put into operation by scanning a QR code and pressing the system button of the Access Point, which makes the installation secure and anonymous.
The server for the Homematic IP service is located in Germany and is operated in accordance with the strict German data protection regulations.
Identifying a Homematic IP user is only possible as part of a criminal prosecution or based on a court order.

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