General information

How may Homematic devices can I use in my installation?

It should be considered that the Homematic system has been specified and developed for a “normal” family house. For installations in larger buildings, we recommend e.g. a cooperation with our partner Contronics.

The system limits per Homematic Central Control Unit CCU2 are specified as follows:

  • 400 radio channels and
  • 127 wired devices in addition.

Please observe the following:
The number of wireless devices depends on the number of channels of all used devices!


  • Homematic Wireless Switch Actuator 1 channel has one channel at 400 devices
  • Homematic Wireless Switch Actuator 4 channels has four channels at 100 devices  

Usually, different devices are used within one installation. From our experience, the maximum number of wireless devices that can be operated trouble-free by the CCU2 within one installation is therefore between 100 and 120 devices.

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