The MAX! room solution

The MAX! room solution is a precursor to the comprehensive solution with Internet access; it has been optimised for controlling individual rooms.

Settings are made on the MAX! Wall Thermostat+ directly, without any need to use a PC/the Internet, giving a room solution that consists of the three MAX! elements of Wall Thermostat+, Radiator Thermostat(+) and Window Contact. There is no need for a MAX! Cube to act as an interface between the Internet and the thermostats, since the Wall Thermostat+ now takes its place. So the user can control the room temperature really precisely from an “offline” position with up to eight MAX! Radiator Thermostats(+) and eight MAX! Window Contacts.

If required, the MAX! room solution can also be subsequently expanded into a system for controlling the entire house or flat with a MAX! Cube. This enables the home’s occupants to easily control their heating via a smartphone and the Internet – even when they are out and about.


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