Controlling MAX! devices in the home

The MAX! portal can be used to control MAX! devices in the home via any Internet connection.

No complex configuration work (e.g. involving DynDNS) is required before the MAX! cube can communicate with the MAX! portal. Similarly, there is no need to open a firewall for the purpose of letting in communication from the outside world. The MAX! portal communicates with the MAX! cube using an encrypted and authenticated method.

Customised week programs on a room-by-room basis!

With the MAX! room solution, you are able to configure an individual heating profile for each room via the MAX! portal. This enables you to tailor how your heating is controlled to your specific needs and individual routines in each room.

You can also set up to six freely definable heating phases for each day of the week within the heating profile, so you can regulate the room temperature in a time-controlled manner.

For example, a typical week program could have the room temperature in the living room, kitchen and bathroom set to 21 °C from Monday to Friday between 06.00 and 09.00, then again between 17.00 and 21.00. During the daytime when no one is home, the system switches to energy-saving mode, where the temperature is 17 °C. At the weekends, the room temperature is set to 21 °C between the hours of 08.00 and 22.00. However, if you leave the house at short notice, the entire system switches to energy-saving mode and 17 °C at a touch of the MAX! Eco button.

What’s more, both the app and the portal overview show whether device batteries will soon need to be replaced or whether a window has been left open.

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