pocket control HM for iOS devices

pocket control HM, developed by Penzler Software, can be used to easily control eQ-3 AG’s Homematic solutions from wherever you are via an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. With this application, you can integrate web cam views, change system variables as desired and read out rooms or functions from the Homematic Central Control Unit, for example. You can control lights, heating and other devices either directly or through defined actions. Security statuses, open windows, temperatures, weather data and so on are displayed in a way that is easy to understand. Along with wireless solutions, the app also supports wired components of the Homematic system.

Communication is performed via WLAN (Wi-Fi) when you’re at home or via an existing VPN connection when you’re out and about. The meine-homematic.de service for establishing this connection is already integrated in the application.

The features at a glance:

  • Device data (names, channels, statuses, system variables, programs, rooms and functions) is read from the Homematic Central Control Unit direct
  • Configurations can be shared via iCloud and AirDrop
  • Device names stored in the Central Control Unit can be modified directly in the app
  • Both wireless and RS485 components of the Homematic system are supported
  • You can use scenarios you have created yourself to change the status of multiple devices “at the touch of a button”
  • Service messages are listed clearly and can be acknowledged directly
  • Programs for the Homematic CCU2 Central Control Unit can be started, created, modified and deleted
  • The whole app or just specific settings can be protected by an access PIN
  • IP cameras (web cams) can be integrated via a link
  • Geofencing function: you can use the app to create your own home zone. The Central Control Unit is notified whenever you enter or exit this home zone; this information can be used for additional commands, such as controlling the heating or arming the alarm system
  • Available in English and German versions

Further information on “pocket Home” is available from www.pocket-control.de.

Note: You will need a Homematic Central Control Unit (CCU2) in order to use pocket control HM.

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