The Homematic WebUI user interface

The Homematic WebUI user interface is an application that runs on a web server, which in the Homematic system is represented by the CCU2 Central Control Unit. The user interface is displayed via your PC’s standard web browser (such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox). This means that the Homematic system can be set up and controlled both via the Internet and within the local network.

Comprehensive configuration with intuitive operation

On-screen instructions make the process of fully configuring your Homematic devices quite simple, so individual scenarios and comprehensive automation tasks can be created quite easily via the screen. Clear screens with intuitive elements and symbols make it easier for you to get to grips with everything and increase transparency. You can also create favourite screens, which are individually tailored to your specific needs. Thanks to various ordering and sorting criteria, you can retain an overview even of large systems consisting of a great many Homematic components.

The clearly displayed programming logic makes it easy to perform even complex tasks. Pre-configured, professional time switches and timer functions mean that setting up time-controlled processes is absolute child’s play. Complex “if…then­…” conditions cover all bases, whilst sensor values can be checked, switching states queried and actions triggered really easily at the touch of a button.

Central control and direct connections

Not only can all components be controlled from a single location via the CCU2 Central Control Unit, devices can also be connected to one another directly. This enables you to set up an independent link, which continues to work even if the Central Control Unit is switched off. All device parameters can be modified via the configuration interface. New links can be set up and existing ones deleted or altered.

And once configured, whole scenarios can then be initiated really easily, at the touch of a button. For example, if you were to suddenly go out at short notice, you could set the heating system to energy-saving mode, switch off the lights, lower the shutters and automatically lock the front door all at the same time.

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