Software and apps for controlling the Homematic system

The Homematic WebUI is the user interface via which all the myriad possibilities offered by the Homematic system can be fully exploited. Individual scenarios and comprehensive automation tasks can be created quite easily via the screen here. But a number of partners also offer their own software for controlling the Homematic system. Apps for smartphones and tablets complement the product range and allow you to control your home any time, any place.

Homematic WebUI

The Homematic WebUI user interface is an application that runs on a web server, which in the Homematic system is represented by the CCU2 Central Control Unit. The user interface is displayed via your PC’s standard web browser (such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox). This means that the Homematic system...
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With its AIO CREATOR NEO, mediola – connected living AG, the specialist in innovative smart home software and apps, is offering a uniquely flexible design and configuration software solution that enables everyone to create their own fully customised control app for their totally individual smart home – and to do it with ease. The process of controlling, monitoring and automating...
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Pocket control HM

Pocket control HM, developed by Penzler Software, can be used to easily control eQ-3 AG’s Homematic solutions from wherever you are via an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. With this application, you can integrate web cam views, change system variables as desired and read out rooms or functions from the Homematic Central Control Unit, for example. You can control lights, heating and other devices either directly or...
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