Adapter set Merten

With the adapters, wireless actuators can be easily integrated into existing installations with various designs and made by a range of manufacturers at little outlay and without the need for major installation work.

Adapter set Merten

You can replace (existing) switches with little wiring effort by wireless actuators of the Homematic and Homematic IP product line.

With the adapter Merten the following switch series can be integrated:

  • System M
  • Atelier-M
  • 1-M
  • M-Plan
  • M-Plan Echtglas
  • M-Smart
  • M-ARC
  • M-Star
  • Atelier-Basis
  • M1 Basis

Technical Specifications
Dimensions (W x H x D)
56 x 52 x 19 mm
Ordering Informations
Product Name
Item Number
103093A2 (1x)
103093A1 (20x)
EAN Code
4047976131938 (1x)
4047976130931 (20x)
500 (1x)
32 (20x)
Dimesions incl. Packaging
120 x 180 mm (1x)
182 x 137 x 70 mm (20x)
Weight incl. Packaging
13,4 g (1x)
269,8 g (20x)
Manual: Adapter Merten 1x
Manual: Adapter Merten 20x
Product Data Sheet: Adapter Merten 1x
Product Data Sheet: Adapter Merten 20x