Shutters, blinds and awnings

Shutters and blinds darken rooms, create a sense of privacy and increase the security. With our shutter and blind actuators, the window coverings can be set up in just a few single steps using the Homematic IP app. Afterwards, they can be raised or lowered automatically.

The actuators are controlled comfortably via individual week profiles, also depending on the sunrise and sunset. Furthermore, active shutters and blinds make the home look inhabited even if you are not at home. In addition to the anti-burglary effect of shutters, our solution thus actively increases the security. Another advantage: In case of increased room temperatures due to strong sunlight shutters or blinds are automatically lowered to prevent the room from heating up.

The Homematic IP Blind Actuators also allow the exact adjustment of the slats position of external and interior blinds. If necessary, also awnings can be integrated into the smart home using our products. The automatic storm protection avoids damages of shutters, interior blinds and awnings during unfavourable weather conditions and thus raises or lowers the window coverings.


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