Homematic IP Starter Set Smoke Alarm

Starter set for reliable detection of dangerous smoke gas via three wireless Homematic IP high-quality smoke alarms and AES-128 security


  • Alerts via loud integrated siren and your smartphone with the Homematic IP app
  • Alarms are transferred directly between the up to 40 connected Homematic IP Smoke Alarms - this offers interference-proof communication in the entire house, even if the electric installation has been effected by a fire
  • Current status display of all connected smoke alarms via smartphone with the Homematic IP app
  • Optical scattered-light smoke alarm with Q label - meets the high quality standards according to vfdb 14-01 in addition to the basic standard EN 14604 (certified by KRIWAN test centre)
  • Maintenance-free operation of the smoke alarms thanks to a permanently sealed battery with a battery lifetime of 10 years (in accordance with the standard)
  • Comfortable and individual voice control (e.g. via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant)
  • The Starter Set Smoke Alarm can be expanded into a comprehensive smart home system at any time together with various different Homematic IP devices

The Homematic IP Starter Set Smoke Alarm reliably informs you about the detection of smoke gas not only within your home, but also via the free smartphone app. Besides the Homematic IP Access Point as central element of each Homematic IP smart home, three Homematic IP Smoke Alarms are part of the set. For start-up, you only need to connect the Access Point to the Internet and install the smoke alarms to the ceilings. The installation can be done comfortably via the free smartphone app. Unlike most of other smoke alarms, this device offers numerous innovative new features. All smoke alarms within a Homematic IP system are operated collectively. If, for example, a fire is detected in the basement, also the smoke alarm devices in other floors and rooms alert you when danger is present. Moreover, the smoke alarms do not only alert users acoustically via siren, but also via an emergency lighting with an integrated LED that offers orientation also in heavily smoke-filled rooms. Power is supplied by two permanently installed lithium batteries, offering power supply for up to 10 years. In case the power supply fails, the smoke alarms remain directly connected also without Homematic IP Access Point and are therefore constantly ready for operation. As the system can be easily extended, up to 40 smoke alarms can be operated via one Homematic IP Access Point if required. In addition, the Homeamtic IP system offers devices for light control and various components for alarm detection and heating control. Thus, the Homematic IP Starter Set Smoke Alarm can easily be extended by motion detectors, alarm sirens and all others Homematic IP products. The required components only need to be acquired and connected in a few single steps.

The Homematic IP Access Point connects the Homematic IP cloud located in Germany to the linked Homematic IP products in the home using encrypted communication. Therefore, the Homematic IP components can be used locally in the own four walls as well as via smartphone while being away from home. As no personal data is collected during installation, users remain anonymous even though the system is based on a cloud solution.

Via its optical scattered-light sensor unit, the Homematic IP Smoke Alarm reliably detects smoke in the ambient air. The innovative smoke alarm operates in a network with other Homematic IP Smoke Alarms, making sure that all smoke alarm devices warn about the impending danger in case of fire. Via the app, an additional warning message is send to the user as push notification. Two permanently installed lithium batteries offer power supply for up to 10 years.

Maße inkl. Verpackung
325 x 159 x 106 mm
Gewicht inkl. Verpackung
1120,1 g

Manual: Homematic IP Access Point
Manual: Homematic IP Smoke Alarm
Product Data Sheet
Declaration of conformity

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