Homematic IP Pluggable Switch and Meter

The pluggable switch and meter enables switching of connected devices, as for example floor lamps or electric heaters


  • Additionally measures energy consumption, power, voltage and current
  • Can be used to extend the wireless range of the radio signal
  • High measuring accuracy for measuring also stand-by loads
  • Precise regulation of electric radiators in connection with a Homematic IP Wall Thermostat
  • Manual operation: Connected devices can be switched on or off also directly on the device
  • Low current consumption
  • Thanks to the compact design, the device does not block the surrounding sockets
  • Comfortable and individual voice control (e.g. via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant)
  • For operation, the Homematic IP Access Point in connection with the Homematic IP app (no recurring costs), the Homematic Central Control Unit CCU2 or an appropriate partner solution is required

The Homematic IP Pluggable Switch and Meter is part of the Homematic IP smart home system and offers flexible switching of electrical devices from a remote location while measuring the energy consumption at the same. To start up the device, it simply has to be plugged into a socket and added to the Homematic IP system. The compact pluggable switch can be used for controlling an electrical heater as well as for switching other electrical consumers as, for example, a floor lamp. If you want to switch the device on or off directly on-site you can use the integrated push-button on the front side of the pluggable switch. Within the Homematic IP climate control solution, the switch operates reliably together with the Homematic IP Wall Thermostat. Thus, if an electrical heater is used, the pluggable switch offers exact regulation of the room temperature.

The integrated measuring device is able to detect the energy consumption within a range of 0 and 3680 Watt. The device offers a measurement resolution in 0.01 Watt steps and a maximum measurement deviation of +/- 0,03 Watt. Thanks to the high measuring accuracy, even small electrical loads and the stand-by load of electrical devices can be comfortably monitored via app. Also, the measured total energy consumption is clearly displayed in the app.

Despite the high switching capacity of up to 3680 Watt, the switch does not block the surrounding sockets. Due to the low power consumption in standby of less than 0.3 Watt, the pluggable switch can remain plugged into the socket without any problems.

Supply voltage
230V/50 Hz
Current consumption
16 A (max.)
Standby power consumption
< 0.3 W
Max. switching capacity
3220 W, 3680 W for 30 minutes
Load type
ohmic load
Degree of protection
Ambient temperature
-10 to +35 °C
Dimensions (W x H x D)
70 x 70 x 39 mm (not incl. mains plug)
154 g
Radio frequency
868.3 MHz/869.525 MHz
Typ. open area RF range
400 m

Maße inkl. Verpackung
122 x 112 x 97 mm
Gewicht inkl. Verpackung
284,4 g

Product Data Sheet
Declaration of conformity

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