Homematic IP Desk Stand

Suitable for universal use of battery operated devices with the dimensions of 55 x 55 mm (e.g. Homematic IP Wall Thermostat or Homematic IP Wall-mount Remote Control)


  • Devices in the dimensions of 55 x 55 mm can be mounted into the desk stand without any tools
  • Flexible mounting location thanks to battery operation and slip-resistant base (e.g. shelf or table)
  • Voltage of integrated devices is supplied via mignon batteries of the desk stand which doubles the battery life of the device
  • Compatible with all devices with the dimensions of 55 x 55 mm (also of other product groups such as Homematic,
    MAX! Heating Control, FS20, etc.)

The Homematic IP Desk Stand is a convenient mounting frame within the Homematic IP smart home system that offers operation of battery-supplied devices with the dimensions of 55 x 55 mm. Devices like the Homematic IP Wall Thermostat can be positioned and operated comfortably within reach. The tool-free installation is easy to complete. Therefore, the batteries are removed from the corresponding Homematic IP device enabling the device to be inserted into the desk stand. As soon as the required LR6 batteries (AA) have been inserted into the base, the Homematic IP device operates as usual. The higher weight due to the LR6 batteries offers better stability and the increased capacity allows a lifetime extension of up to 100%. With the slip-resistant base, the desk stand can be used on almost any solid surface like tables or sideboards.

Supply voltage
2x 1.5 V LR03/micro/AAA
Degree of protection
Ambient temperature
0 to 50 °C
Dimensions (W x H x D)
90 x 79 x 67 mm
145 g (incl. batteries)

Maße inkl. Verpackung
122 x 112 x 97 mm
Gewicht inkl. Verpackung
256 g

Declaration of conformity
Product Data Sheet

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