Homematic IP Switch Circuit Board

Offers wireless switching of e.g. a switch or push-button input, 12 V signalling device or LEDs in the extra-low voltage range


  • Thanks to the compact design the device can be flexibly installed into existing devices and own projects
  • Connected devices can be switched on and off comfortably via the Homematic IP app or Remote Control
  • Application in almost all areas of a smart home - conventional household appliances, light installations or garage door drives are controlled intelligently with Homematic IP
  • The miniature relay provides a switching capacity of up to 30 V/1 A
  • If the miniature relay is not required it can simply be broken off and only the open collector switching output with 30 V/0.5 A can be used
  • Can be used with the Access Point in connection with the Homematic IP app (no recurring costs), the Homematic
  • Comfortable and individual voice control (e.g. via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant)
  • For operation, the Homematic IP Access Point in connection with the Homematic IP app (no recurring costs), the Homematic Central Control Unit CCU2 or an appropriate partner solution is required

The Homematic IP Switch Circuit Board enables the integration of common electrical devices into the Homematic IP smart home system. For retrofitting, the tiny circuit board only needs to be placed in a suitable position of the device housing and has to be connected e.g. with the existing button or signal input. A miniature relay allows switching capacities of up to 30 V/1 A. If the relay is not used, it can easily be broken off from the board. Thus, the size of the circuit board is still reduced and instead the open-collector switching output with 30 V/0.5 A can be used. Once installed, conventional household appliances, light installations, own µC applications or even garage door drives in connection with the Homematic IP Access Point can be switched via Homematic IP app, remote control or wall-mounted push-button.

Supply voltage
5 to 25 VDC
Current consumption without relay
50 mA max.
Current consumption with relay
70 mA max.
Changeover contact, 1-pole, ì contact
Load type
ohmic load
Switching voltage (max.)
30 V
Switching current (max.)
1 A (miniature relay) and 0.5 A (open collector switching output)
Cable type and cross section
rigid and flexible cable, 0.75 - 1.0 mm²
Ambient temperature
-10 to +35 °C
Dimensions (W x H x D)
28 x 48 x 21 mm (incl. relay)
13 g
Radio frequency band
868.0-868.6 MHz, 869.4-869.65 MHz
Typ. open area RF range
350 m

Maße inkl. Verpackung
122 x 93 x 36 mm
Gewicht inkl. Verpackung
74,2 g

Product Data Sheet
Declaration of conformity

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