Voice control

Voice control for using devices or apps becomes more popular. The integration of compatible voice controlled speakers like Amazon Echo or Google Home offers a possibility for comfortable control of various Homematic IP devices and functions via voice command, especially for smart home.

Using voice control works easily via the connection of the Homematic IP Access Point and the latest version of the free smartphone app (Android and iOS). Different functions such as heating control, light control and dimming of lights as well as activating and deactivating the eco mode can be controlled already via voice command. An external control of the house is effectively prevented by security features of the solution.  

With the continuously growing number of different Homematic IP devices, the range of further scenarios will be expanded steadily. Still, the usage of the cloud services and the smartphone app will remain free, also with the integration of voice control in Homematic IP.  


Amazon Alexa

With the voice-controlled speakers Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot, already many different functions of Homematic IP can be controlled. Next to light and heating control, which is also possible in switching groups, shutters can be moved up or down. Voice commands such as “Alexa, set bathroom to 22 degrees” or “Alexa, dim the living room light to 50 percent” considerably increase the living comfort. The basic configuration is done by creating an Amazon account and installing the Amazon Alexa app and the free Homematic IP skill for Alexa.



Google Assistant

The voice control of Google can be used via the voiced-controlled speaker Google Home or directly via the smartphone app Google Assistant. Already, voice demands such as “Ok Google, set bathroom to 25 degree“ or “OK Google, switch on the reading light“ are possible. The ongoing expansion of available scenarios for Google Assistant is strived. The basic configuration is done by creating a Google account and installing the Google Home app and the activation of the available Homematic IP service.


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