Homematic IP Access Point

Connects the smartphone via the Homematic IP cloud with the Homematic IP devices


  • Transmits the configuration data and control commands from the smartphone to all Homematic IP devices
  • Highly reliable IP radio protocol based on 868 MHz
  • High security thanks to comprehensive AES encryption and server location in Germany
  • The illuminated Homematic IP symbol indicated the current operating status (blue, yellow, red)
  • Device is connected via network cable to a standard router
  • Durable and superior design
  • Comfortable and individual voice control (e.g. via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant)

The Homematic IP Access Point is the central element of the Homematic IP smart home system. The Access Point is connected to a standard router and serves as interface between the Homematic IP cloud with server location in Germany and the Homematic IP devices in your home - and that fully encrypted. As no personal data is collected during installation, users remain anonymous even though the system is based on a cloud solution. Once the Access Point is connected to the Internet, all functions can be requested via the free smartphone app. The intuitive app presents a clear overview of all possible features. Furthermore, new devices can be connected via the app in just a few single steps. With an open air range of up to 400 meters, reliable connection of devices even in distant spots to the system is possible.

The innovative IP radio protocol offers energy-efficient communication within the 868 MHz/
869,525 MHz frequency. This ensures long battery-lifetimes of connected devices and users are not exposed to permanent wireless radiation. The high efficiency is also noticeable in the energy consumption of the Access Point. A power output of only 1.1 Watt avoids unpleasant surprises when the next electricity bill comes in. Despite the low energy consumption, the central unit also provides visual information at any time with all important status updates. Therefore, the system button on the front side of the Access Point lights up in different colours, depending on the system status.

The Homematic IP Access Point can be operated as standing unit on a table or permanently mounted on the wall. Suitable screws and plugs as well as the required network cable for connecting the device to the router are included.

Supply voltage
Plug-in mains adapter (input)
100 V-240 V/50 Hz
Power consumption plug-in mains adapter
2.5 W max.
Current consumption
500 mA max.
Power consumption in standby
1.1 W
Degree of protection
Ambient temperature
5 to 35 °C
Dimensions (W x H x D)
118 x 104 x 26 mm
153 g
Radio frequency
868.3 MHz/869.525 MHz
Typ. open area RF range
400 m
10/100 MBit/s, Auto-MDIX

Maße inkl. Verpackung
184 x 140 x 73 mm
Gewicht inkl. Verpackung
448,0 g

Tutorials: Homematic IP User Guide
Product Data Sheet
Declaration of conformity

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