Homematic IP Wall Thermostat with switching output – for brand switches

Individual control of 230 V valve drives for floor heating systems via relay output in accordance with the defined heating profiles


  • By replacing the existing wall thermostats, conventional floor heating systems can be easily upgraded to an
    intelligently controlled regulation of the room climate via smartphone
  • Measurement and display of setpoint and actual temperature as well as humidity on a large, illuminated display
  • Up to 6 adjustable heating profiles (3x heating, 3x cooling), each with 6 heating phases and 13 switching times per day ensure demand-based heating control
  • Manual adjustment of setpoint temperature (to the nearest 0.5 °C) via control wheel
  • Easy to install into an existing flush-mounted box
  • Integration into multi-gang frames or frames of other manufacturers (Berker, Busch-Jaeger, ELSO, Gira, Merten,
  • Comfortable and individual voice control (e.g. via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant)
  • Setup and configuration of floor heating actuators is possible directly via the wall thermostat (also without
    Homematic IP Access Point or Homematic CCU2)
  • Can be used with the Access Point in connection with the Homematic IP app (no recurring costs), the Homematic Central Control Unit CCU2 as well as with various partner solutions

The Homematic IP Wall Thermostat with switching output is part of the Homematic IP smart home system and controls 230 V floor heating valve drives via relay output. Thus, the wall thermostat with switching output enables easy upgrading of conventional floor heating control systems to an intelligent regulation of the room temperature by replacing the existing bimetal controller. This increases the living comfort and actively helps to save energy.

The smart solution provides up to three individually adjustable heating and cooling profiles, each with six heating phases as well as 13 switching points per day. Via the Homematic IP Wall Thermostat with switching output the setpoint temperature can comfortably be adjusted in 0.5 °C increments. The large illuminated display shows the setpoint and actual temperature as well as the humidity. Furthermore, all values can be read off and set also via the Homematic IP app.

The wall thermostat is installed into classic flush-mounted boxes. Therefore, replacement of existing wall thermostats is significantly easier. The dimensions of the Homematic IP wall thermostat even allow integration into multi-gang frames of leading manufacturers. If you want to use the thermostat without the Homematic IP Access Point or Homematic Central Control Unit CCU2, the desired settings can be selected directly on the thermostat without a smart home connection.

Supply voltage
230 V/50 Hz
Current consumption
1 A max.
Max. switching capacity
230 W
Degree of protection
Load type
ohmic load
Cable type and cross section
rigid and flexible cable, 0.75 - 1.50 mm²
only in normal commercial switch boxes (device boxes) in accordance with DIN 49073-1
Ambient temperature (operation)
0 to 50 °C
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Without frame: 55 x 55 x 54 mm Incl. frame: 86 x 86 x 54 mm
136 g
Radio frequency
868.3 MHz/869.525 MHz
Typ. open area RF range
130 m

Maße inkl. Verpackung
122 x 112 x 73 mm
Gewicht inkl. Verpackung
241,2 g

Product Data Sheet
Declaration of conformity

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