Homematic IP heating and climate control

Homematic IP offers demand-based control of radiators room-by-room in the entire house, enabling increased living comfort and energy savings of up to 30 %. The Homematic IP Window / Door Contact detects open windows and doors and automatically turns down the heating during ventilation. In addition, efficient floor heating control that offers operation via app can be realised with Homematic IP. The system detects the required heat for single rooms and - unlike conventional heating circuit control systems - intelligently circulates the hot water into multiple heating zones. This provides load balancing and efficient energy distribution thanks to the continuous flow of heating water. The room temperature can be regulated via radiator thermostats, an installed wall thermostat or simply via app. Also, individual heating profiles can be created with Homematic IP. Afterwards, your heating will be controlled automatically and makes the everyday life easier. However, you can certainly react flexibly to changed conditions and adjust the desired temperature according to your needs.


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