Adapters for brand switch systems

New technology for existing designs

If you plan to make your home more and more comfortable using intelligent technology, existing electrical installations can be upgraded by installing Homematic IP flush-mount actuators for brand switch systems. And there is no need to completely exchange the existing switch series! The existing living concepts can thereby be maintained in terms of style, shape and design, whilst the owner enjoys the additional living comfort of smart home technology.

The adapters for different switches allow you to replace switches made by popular manufacturers with Homematic IP flush-mount actuators. In this way, Homematic IP actuators can be easily integrated into the design of the existing switch series with minimal effort.

Easy installation

Your electrician removes all plastic parts (rocker, retaining piece, frame) from the existing switch. Rocker and frame are placed aside, as they can continue to be used. The existing switch is removed. Make sure that an n-conductor is available before proceeding with the next step. The desired Homematic IP Actuator is connected to the power supply and plugged into the flush-mounted socket. Afterwards, the Homematic IP Actuator can be taught-in to the Homematic IP App according to the corresponding user manual. The frame and adapter are mounted and to complete the installation the rocker can be clicked into place.


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