QIVICON is an alliance of leading German industrial companies, brought together by Deutsche Telekom with the aim of promoting the field of smart home technology and developing cross-manufacturer solutions for customers. Together with its partners EnBW, eQ-3, Miele and Samsung, Telekom is building a platform to give people of all ages a home that is energy-efficient, safe and comfortable. What’s more, a constantly growing number of other partner companies will use the QIVICON platform for their smart home products in future too.

eQ-3 the QIVICON Partner

One of the founding members of the alliance and a partner in this platform is eQ-3 AG, whose Homematic wireless protocol is an integral part of QIVICON; numerous Homematic components have already been integrated into the QIVICON platform.

“As a manufacturer of smart home devices, eQ-3 is really encouraged to see how QIVICON is taking what the various partners have to offer, and using them to create a rapidly growing range of home control products and services. In future, the Internet of Things will be based on the IPv6 standard, will require open platforms and will find its strength from leading companies working together.”

Bernd Grohmann, Chief Technology Officer, eQ-3 AG

What does this mean for me as a consumer?

As part of QIVICON, Homematic is offering a wide, future-proof range of products and solutions – versatile and at a price that everyone can afford. Thanks to its reliable radio communication, Homematic is particularly easy to retrofit. Plus, based on the recognised AES-128 encryption method, Homematic gives you the security you expect.

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