ELV Elektronik - the electronics expert

As an expert manufacturer, mail-order company and specialist publisher, ELV has been providing its customers with a unique range of products and services for over 35 years now:

Manufacturer – of innovative, high-quality products

ELV not only offers an interesting selection of products from a huge range of brand manufacturers, it also develops and produces over 50 kits and fully assembled devices of its own every year, covering various areas of electronics.

Mail-order company – competent, innovative and affordable

ELV selects products very carefully, tests them and describes them in detail: it is often the first provider on the market when it comes to innovative products. Alongside 22,000 products from practically all areas of electronics, ELV also offers the complete range of Homematic and Homematic IP products, not to mention the MAX! heating control system. ELV gives its customers all the support they need to realise their smart home projects via the ELV Kompetenzbuch “Intelligentes Wohnen” (the “intelligent living” skills book, which contains lots of decision-making aids and step-by-step instructions), the smart home telephone hotline and the ELV forum.

Specialist publisher – know what’s going on

Ground-breaking topics, informative reports, the latest trends – the ELV Journal is the highest-circulation specialist electronics magazine available. It tells both amateurs and professional technicians about interesting kit-based projects, whilst also providing well-founded expertise, introducing new products, sharing test reports and giving background information.

eQ-3 and ELV have been working closely with one another on many levels and for many years now. Based on its long-standing experience in smart home technologies and direct contact with end users, for example, of Homematic products, ELV is able to support eQ-3 AG with partner training and product development.

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