contronics GmbH – home control and building automation

For over 20 years, the selection of preferred bus systems has included eQ-3 AG products.

Automation solutions from contronics can be used to automate, either fully or in part, new and existing houses and flats with Homematic: it's affordable, clean and dust-free. There are countless ways to make people’s lives safer and more comfortable, and even save them money:

  • Control underfloor heating wirelessly and fully automatically: specially designed for retrofitting
  • Save energy through radiator control
  • Conserve power via intelligent shutter control
  • Improve security thanks to presence simulation
  • Control lights for more comfort
  • Manage online with an iPhone, other mobile device or PC

eQ-3 AG supplies contronics with a variety of different products:

  • Home control point solutions in different price categories
  • Complete home automation systems with over 100 items from the HomeMatic range

Here’s what Christian Schoeller, Managing Director of contronics GmbH, has to say:

“Technology is developing at lightning speed in all areas of our lives, making us safer and more comfortable. We can find automation technologies that are making our lives easier everywhere: in the car, in our household appliances and at work. For a long time, home and building automation was brushed aside as an expensive gimmick. But it offers enormous potential to conserve energy, improve security or just make life more pleasant. It’s a good feeling to live in a house that’s ahead of the technological curve. Automation doesn’t have to be expensive and, due to the energy savings that can be made, it pays for itself in just a few years. With over 100 Homematic products, eQ-3 AG provides us with exactly what we need to create our home and building automation solutions.”

Theodor Hinrichs, Key Account Manager at eQ-3 AG

“There is a long-standing and successful business relationship linking us to contronics: it’s the perfect symbiosis between a software house and a marketing agent. Over the years, contronics has become an indispensable commercial partner to eQ-3 AG as a manufacturer. Thanks to its fantastic networking expertise and active participation in online blogs and forums, such as the Homematic Forum, contronics is an important source of innovation for eQ-3 AG.”

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