Homematic IP security and surveillance

With the Homematic IP security components, no movement goes unnoticed. Windows and doors report in as soon as they are opened; just a quick glance at the app is all it takes to see that everything is as it should be at home. This is how Homematic IP creates a good sense of security.

After installation, the protection mode of the system can be activated at any time via the app or the Homematic IP Key Ring Remote Control. Users can select between the alarm functions “presence mode” and “absence mode”. If the presence mode is activated, the system triggers an alarm as soon as windows or doors are opened unauthorised, for example. During activated absence mode, also sensors for indoor areas are included. Any motions inside the house are e.g. recorded by motion detectors as well. In case of alarm, an audio signal can be triggered via a siren and a push notification can be send to all connected smart phones. The alarm protocol provides an overview of all system activities at any time.


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