Voice control with Amazon Alexa

With our free Homematic IP skill for the cloud-based voice service Amazon Alexa, the Homematic IP smart home follows your instructions. In connection with an Amazon Echo or Amazon Echo Dot it is not possible to control the lights, activate the alarm functions or control the heating.

Voice control with Amazon Alexa and Homematic IPVoice commands like “Alexa, set the bathroom to 22 degrees” increase the living comfort. In addition to single Homematic IP devices, also switching and heating groups can of course be used with voice commands.

The basic configuration is done comfortably and in just a few single steps via the Amazon Alexa app. Furthermore, the Homematic IP app has to be installed and configured on the respective smartphone. The Homematic IP app for Android (4.1 and higher) or iOS (8.0 and higher) can be downloaded for free. With the continuously growing number of different Homematic IP devices there will be various additional scenarios available via voice control.


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