The next smart home generation

Homematic IP is the next generation of the successful smart home system Homematic by eQ-3.

The constantly growing product range of Homematic IP includes devices for climate control, security, light and shutter control applications as well as various accessory components. Our climate control devices offer demand-based room-by-room control of radiators throughout the entire house, enabling users to save up to 30 % on their energy costs. And also floor heating systems can efficiently be controlled with Homematic IP products. No movement goes unnoticed with our security components. Users are informed whenever windows and doors are opened. One look at the app is enough to find out that everything is all right at home. Comfort is enhanced with our switching and dimming actuators for light control as well as products for automation of shutters and blinds. All Homematic IP devices for brand switches can be easily integrated into the design of existing switch series using our adapters.

The entire Homematic IP solution can be intuitively set up via a free smartphone app (iOS and Android) and conveniently controlled via app, remote control as well as wall mounted push-button. Single devices are configured by the Homematic IP cloud service, which is run exclusively on servers located in Germany and therefore complies with European and German data protection guidelines. All data stored in the Homematic IP cloud is completely anonymous. However, it does not permit any conclusion about the user’s identity and the individual usage behaviour. Furthermore, all communication between the Access Point, cloud and app is encrypted. As neither during nor after installation of the app you will need to provide private data such as name, email address or mobile phone number, your anonymity is protected 100%.

Homematic IP builds on the strengths of Homematic, implements IPv6 – the next generation Internet protocol – in each device and therefore offers a solution tailored to the Internet of Things (IoT). Thanks to the open platform, the solution can be flexibly expanded at any time - Via the Homematic Central Control Unit CCU2 all Homematic IP devices can also be integrated into and operated in an existing Homematic system.

As the devices communicate via radio, they can be retrofitted into houses really easily. All products communicate via the robust and reliable 868 MHz Homematic IP wireless protocol. This means that there is no interference whatsoever from WLAN, Bluetooth or other radio standards operating within the 2.4 GHz frequency band.

Heating and climate control

Homematic IP offers demand-based room-by-room control of radiators throughout the entire house, enabling users to save up to 30% on their energy costs. The Homematic IP Window / Door Contact detects open windows and automatically turns down the heating. The room temperature can be regulated via radiator thermostats, an installed wall thermostat or simply via app. Also, individual heating profiles can be created...
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Comfortable switching and dimming of lights creates a sense of well-being in your home. A comfortable atmosphere for your TV evening can be created e.g. via app as the ceiling light is dimmed to your personal brightness level while the floor lamp is switched on at the push of a button....
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Shutters, blinds and awnings

Shutters and blinds darken rooms, create a sense of privacy and increase the security. With our shutter and blind actuators, the window coverings can be set up in just a few single steps using the Homematic IP app and then be opened or closed automatically. The actuators can be controlled comfortably via individual week profiles, also depending on...
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Security and surveillance

With the Homematic IP security components, no movement goes unnoticed. Windows and doors report in as soon as they are opened; just a quick glance at the app is all it takes to see that everything is as it should be at home. This is how Homematic IP creates a good sense of security. After installation, the protection mode of the system can be...
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International product variants

With our international product variants we enable the adapter-free use of our Homematic IP smart home solution in a large number of different countries. Our Homematic IP sockets are available with appropriate connections for Germany, Great Britain, Italy, France, Poland and Switzerland.
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Voice control

With our free Homematic IP skill for the cloud-based voice service Amazon Alexa, the Homematic IP smart home follows your instructions. In connection with an Amazon Echo or Amazon Echo Dot it is not possible to control the lights, activate the alarm functions or control the heating.
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